Top Tips for Scaling Your Business

By: ash Tuesday November 10, 2020 comments


Secrets to Scaling Your Small Business

Are you ready to grow your business but not sure how to make the transition from the level you’re currently at? Our tips on scaling your business, and what it takes to be a big success!


What Level are You Willing to Get to?

Many business owners start their business with the goal and intention to get it to the level where the business can run effectively without a lot of the owners involvement. For most, the ideal business is one that brings in profits, but is able to operate with or without owner involvement. Many small business owners want to shift away from the stress of owning their business to the reward of having built a successful organization. 


There are very few aspects in your business that make sense for you to actually do yourself. Look at the areas in your business where you are not the expert, these areas are opportunities to look to outside resources and professionals. Your business is not worth nearly as much to you until it can operate without you! The best way to scale your business upward for growth is through delegation and outsourcing


Take an Inventory

Make a list of ALL the tasks you currently do yourself. The newer, or smaller, your business is, the longer your list of tasks will be. Making this list should take some time, as an owner you’re deeply involved, but we want to help you identify areas in your business in which you can extend the responsibility to someone else and begin to take some hands off the ins and out of everything that goes on with your business.


Take this list and categorize them by the enjoyment of the task. Make a list of the work you hate, the work you must do, and the work you can’t do. From those lists, look at each task and ask yourself if you could get someone else to do the task less expensively, or with greater output than doing it on your own. 


Next establish the cost of each task, focusing on the work with the greatest value to your business. The tasks that have little value are the kind of work that should be the most easy to delegate to your team. The tasks with high value that you can’t do should be done by experts or professionals. For example, a bookkeeping assistant online is an outsourced task that will cost you money, but saves you time and frees you up to focus on the high value tasks. 


Keep Some Tasks for Yourself

When your daily tasks are delegated and outsourced it allows you as a business owner to focus your energies on taking those next steps for growing. As you grow and become less involved in your business, there are a few things that should not be delegated or outsourced, that you as the owner need to keep a presence within. 


Even if you put together an awesome internal and outsourced team, there are a few things that small business owners shouldn’t delegate, including:


  • Culture – The core beliefs, operations, and core story are areas you must continue to nurture and teach no matter how large your staff grows.
  • Processes, overall strategy, and company vision – You must own the idea of where you are going and why you are going there, as well as how you plan to get your business there.
  • Client relationships – Sure you can have your staff run day-to-day interactions, but make sure you still show your face and keep open communication with your clients. How your clients feel about your business and how they understand the results they gain by working with you are items of great value to your business and must be guarded and practiced by you.
  • Hiring – As a small business owner, make sure you know who you have working for you. When it comes to outsourcing and delegation, this component is key.
  • Finances – You at least need to track financials and make the ultimate decisions on large expenses or investments. 



In order to make the transition and scale your business, you must replace yourself in the doing of the work that makes your business money, and replace yourself in the selling of the work or service that makes you money. It may seem counterintuitive to let go to grow, but scaling up successfully involves an owners willingness to find the right people for the right tasks!


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