The biggest misconception about Marketing: I can't afford it

Tuesday September 8, 2020 comments

I Can’t Afford Marketing Right Now


  • Have you thought about marketing your business time and time again, only to keep it on the back burner because marketing would be too costly? 


  • Does the uncertainty of the current economy make you nervous to spend money on Marketing? 


  • Do you think the amount you would spend wouldn’t make a difference, that marketing is just a playing field for the big companies?  


If so, you may be holding your business back from real growth! 


Your potential customers are online right now looking for a business with your services, but if your business isn’t visible how will they find you? How will you continually catch new leads and new sales if your fishing net is stagnant? How will you get more customers, and give them excellent service, if you are trying to manage the net, while navigating, steering, and adjusting the sails? What if you had a professional fisherman wanting to be your first mate? One that not only brought you the very best fish but knew how to make your net even more irresistible to that specific fish you’re always after.


You Can’t Afford NOT to Market!

Marketing is not just an expense, it’s what drives future revenue for all of the most successful businesses. For less than what it would cost to hire an additional employee, you could have an entire team of professionals who will bring you qualified leads and convert potential customers into clients. 


Is Your Business Ready to Grow? 

When you invest in professional marketing for your business it can bring you out of the lake and into the sea. You’ll need a professional crew with the knowledge to make your nets larger, and custom designed, all for that particular fish you’re after. And with so much new business, you’re going to need a bigger boat!