The Keys to your Treasure are Already in your Hands

By: ash Tuesday October 27, 2020 comments Tags: leads, lead generation, marketing

You’re a treasure hunter with plenty of success. With every treasure chest you seek, you have to work to get it to open. They’re locked up tight, unable to be opened by force, you must have the right key to that treasure’s lock. You’re not just a treasure hunter, but also a collector of keys. You never know which one will be the one to reach the treasure, so you try each one until it clicks.  


As a collector of keys, you know that no two are the same. Some are rusty and old and require more polishing, some are a little bent or misshapen, some are even shiny and new but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the perfect key. As a treasure hunter, you must continuously look for new chest’s of gold and keys to try, all while polishing the keys you have, and trying them with different locks. Every key has the possibility of treasure, it only requires a little effort!


There is Only One Way to Get to the Treasure

Your leads are the keys to those locks on your treasure. You may have quite a collection of keys, each with the same chances of working out despite it’s appearances. Even if a key does not slide smoothly into the lock at first, you wouldn’t get rid of it without trying again, would you? Could your curiosity let you discard a key after trying it only one time, on only one chest? What if it is the one? What if you only needed to try just one more time, or one more lock? What if your lead only needed you to follow-up one more time?


Try Every Key Multiple Times

These are your leads! They may lead to treasure, but they’re not all shiny, new and easy to win over. They have seen other businesses in your industry make promises that weren’t delivered. It takes time to develop trust, it takes consistency to get a key polished enough to unlock the treasure.


You could take your one chest of treasure and stop there, but you already spent so much time on this one key. What if you knew that some keys could be used to open more than one treasure chest?


You Wouldn’t Throw Away the Key

Once a key has worked, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work again. Often businesses are so focused on the number of leads they have as growth, and forget to look to their existing customers to increase revenue. 

Your customers are already converted, they already spent their money with you. Keeping in contact with your customers reassures them that you still appreciate their business and that they were right to trust you.  


Now, just think of every customer you’ve ever helped. Just imagine every name on one long list. How far would that list unravel if all printed out? If even 10% of these customers returned this year, what would that do for your business? 


That list of all your customers, each name on there is a key you’ve already collected and taken time to polish. These are the keys that could also lead to another treasure, and the best part? You already have them! You don’t have to spend time acquiring them again. Just like your customers, you already have their contact information, they know your services and brand, and they’ve already purchased from you. 




  • At what point do you give up? 

  • How hungry are you to grow?

  • How many times are you willing to reach out to your leads?


There are plenty of keys, a lot of treasure, and not enough business owners motivated enough to go after not only the treasure, but the keys to the treasure as well.  



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