Successful Social Media Posting in Florida

Wednesday February 16, 2022 comments Tags: social media, social media agency

As Florida’s premier digital marketing agency, we have extensive experience in pushing our clients’ social media presence to the forefront of their industries and target markets. Social media success is mainly achieved through consistently scheduled, creative, and well- optimized social media posts. Excellent copywriting and image selection are just two elements among many that can help you succeed in social media posting.


In this digital age, your social media pages say a lot about your brand and the way you connect with your customers. Here, we share how you can improve your social media posts for your customers in Florida


Creative, valuable, AND optimized content

Only share quality content that will benefit the audience of each social media platform. Build on content that can potentially raise awareness and make conversions. Share relevant content that hits the interests of your target audience. Tips to make your customers’ lives easier and step-by-step guides are usually highly appreciated. Post content that will make your readers remember you as a useful resource for valuable information on your industry. Provide strategies, how-to articles or entertaining content for your target customer and related to your business’s pool of topics. 

Don’t forget to include your target audience's geographical location. It makes a lot of difference when you mention that your social media posts concern Florida homeowners or Polk County moms than just saying homeowners or moms, for example.


On-point images

Images that help grab attention (in a good way) and support your claims or message helps the message of your posts reach your target customers before they are even read. Great selection of images also help with the appearance and appeal of your social media pages.


Don’t forget your hashtags

Hashtags are still very in, especially for your SEO. Hashtags will still help your posts stand out when potential customers look for posts that can help with their questions and concerns. Remember those many times when you searched for something you want to buy or learn about on Facebook and Instagram? Posts that contain hashtags of your search words surely came up. Help your potential customers find you on social media!



Create and post social media contests to reignite interest and liven up engagement with your followers and customers in Florida. You can also boost social media posts in Florida so it can reach more customers in the state and you can attract more followers who will engage with your content. Your ingenuity as a brand can also be shown through your contest. Originality and creativity abound when it comes to different contests being held by various businesses in Florida; don’t get left behind!


Links to blogs

Social media posts in Florida linked to your business website’s blog articles have the power to pull more traffic to your website, garnering you leads and conversions. Linking your posts and blogs together do not only direct your social media followers to your website and blog articles, they also improve the SEO power of your website and blog’s pages.


Celebrate your customers

Highlight the love you have received from your customers. Show everybody in Florida through your social media posting that you SEE your customers and that you appreciate their loyalty. Customers deserve our public acknowledgment every now and then. You can also celebrate your customers through social media posts that put the focus on them, and not just on your products and services, on special holidays and life occasions.


Celebrate your team

An amazing business is nothing without its team! Create social media posts that invite your customers to take a peek at the human awesomeness of your company or team. This can also build trust from your customers’ perspective. Seeing actual people who represent your brand and the values you promote encourage customers to connect with your company in a way as if they also REALLY know you.


Here at Social Reach, we are passionate in molding their digital identity and establishing a strong online presence. Our clients’ digital performance is our top priority and we make sure that we deliver the best results possible. Feel free to book a FREE discovery call with us so we can take a closer look at your business and see what can be done to maximize its social media potential.