Proven Tips to Nail Your Client Interviews

Tuesday March 1, 2022 comments Tags: business strategy, Florida Marketing Strategy, marketing strategy

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Presenting a pitch is always nerve-wracking. We should know, we are always talking to businesses in Florida who may or may not be interested in partnering with a Florida marketing agency. Aside from making sure that you’ve got a solid portfolio, the client interview process is also something that you need to ace to get new clients for your business in Florida. Selling your services through speech and visual presentation is an art form which is hard to master. As a service business owner or sales head, you will probably face more interviews than the typical office worker.

To help you calm your nerves and conquer those client interviews, here are our best interview tips to acquire more clients and business.


Do your research.

One of the most common (and daunting!) questions asked during a business client interview is, “what do you know about us?” or “what do you think our business will gain from your services?” Without sufficient background knowledge about your client, you’ll find it difficult to answer this question honestly and confidently. Always remember to do your research on your target clients in Florida.


Be punctual and ensure having strong wifi and a good microphone.

The easiest way to make a good impression is to be punctual. If it’s an online interview, make sure that you can also be seen well and heard clearly.

Regardless of whether it’s an in-person or a video interview, dress properly and find a clean, plain wall for your background as well. You want your clients to know that you take them and their business seriously.


Be completely honest about your credentials.

Your client will likely base a lot of their questions on your portfolio, so never lie about anything you write. It’s also much easier to remember everything if you’ve actually done those things. In addition, your potential clients also do research about you, so know that they can catch you on a lie.


Highlight your accomplishments and showcase your work.

It’s important to impress your client with your knowledge of your expertise, so let them know how much of an expert you are by talking about your accomplishments and the results you have produced with your existing clients.


Prepare your answers to “common” interview questions.

There are plenty of sample interview questions online, so make a list of the most common ones and prepare your responses to them. This way, you’ll avoid lulls in the discussion, and you’ll impress your client with your wit and preparedness.


Ask questions.

When you ask questions, your client knows that you’re actively listening to everything they’re saying and that you’re genuinely interested in helping them. Just make sure to ask intelligent questions, and not just for the sake of asking.


Practice your pitch.

Yes, this is a tip that’s never mentioned in any article, but it has proven to be crucial in interview success. When you do mock interviews with a friend, you’ll feel less pressured when it comes to the real thing, and you will be able to articulate your thoughts better. Also business client interviews, in a sense, is a huge performance, so you better rehearse it.

The most important thing to remember when doing interviews is to stay calm and just give it your best shot. Even if you don’t pass the interview, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. In most cases, companies who don’t pass the interview just don’t fit the mold the client was looking for to a tee or don’t have the right type of personality that the business is looking for. Don’t take it too personally and charge it to experience. There will be other interviews and more businesses that will come your way, and you will be more and more confident with your client interview and Florida marketing skills as you go on.

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