Social Engagement: Do Comments and Likes Actually Bring an ROI?

By: ScottCox Saturday November 17, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, content management system, content strategy, facebook, facebook marketing, instagram business profile, marketing strategy, social media content, social media engagement, engagement, messaging

Don't Underestimate Social Engagement

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So you've been sharing content and you've found a comfortable rhythm of output. But you have noticed that engagement is still fairly low. You're wondering, "why?" Your posts are providing value, they're being sent out daily, they're not too busy, everything seems to be exactly how it should be.

If you want to see more traffic and engagement on your content you need to make the content is more then just a beautifully designed page. You need to be adding value! Remember, when you add value up-front people are more likely to engage. Let's take a look at some strategies to deliver micro-value.

Thoughtful Comments

Set a goal for yourself to leave thoughtful, contextual, and valuable comments in the conversations of other pages and profiles. We can't stress enough that your comments should be genuine and add value. Otherwise, you'll look like the guy or girl going around fishing for reactions and no one likes that person.

Need an example? If you're a hair stylist then you should be jumping into hashtags, pages, profiles, etc that are industry related. When you see Jessica's post on hair coloring you should add value or a thoughtful comment, like how great the color choice was or perhaps the technique involved in that process.

The sky is the limit and there's plenty of conversations out there for you to sincerely contribute to. When you're known as 'that' person, the one who adds value without asking or taking, then you'll build a reputation for trust.

Stories, Q&A, Rinse, Repeat

There is huge value to the Stories feature on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Although the content is limited to 15 seconds, it forces you to get creative with a short period of time. Tagging, hashtags, and location tagging are important tools to provide value and context for your messaging. For example, you could easily give shoutouts and mentions to individuals who have engaged with your content. These mentions will show up to that user and give them the opportunity to repost.

People tend to enjoy the social spotlight, use it to your advantage. Users love giving feedback and the new Question feature in Instagram stories. Giving your audience a way to interact will increase the likelihood that they'll engage. Once you've collected a decent amount of responses Instagram allows you to share the questions you've gathered into a Stories post along with your response to the question. If you can master this engagement loop your audience will be chomping at the bit waiting for the next piece of content to engage with from you!

Slide Into The DM

Direct messaging is as personal as being able to send someone a text message. Some people even prefer to receive a DM over a text message. Whether it's Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter, you're going to get their attention when they see that there's an unread message.

This takes a lot of care to execute properly. Be careful that you don't come off as all sales; take time to add value or a connection! Remember - start the conversation off by finding out how you can genuinely help. The important part here is making sure you practice giving without any expectation of a return. If you can operate with that mindset then you'll win, period.

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