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Social Contests - What Type of Contest Should I Use?

By: Anna Friday March 1, 2019 comments Tags: contest, demographic, facebook, facebook ads, social media agency, social media content, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media tools


Once you've determined your prize, it's time to choose the type. There are three basic Facebook contests:


  • Giveaways/sweepstakes
  • Photo Contests
  • "Refer-a-friend" promotions

Even though photo contests are a great way to increase engagement and gather user-generated content, giveaways are the easiest to start with. Refer-a-friend contests take more work, but they're also the best way to get your customers to spread the word about your contest and your brand, and for you to collect leads.


This is why it's so important to already have selected your goal. If you don't know what you want in the end, it will be so much more difficult to choose the type of contest that best fits your needs.



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