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Should I Give My Team A Paid Holiday Off?

Saturday November 13, 2021 comments


A key to running a successful small business nowadays is good employee management. According to a Lakeland marketing company , skillful management enables a functional and efficient work environment.

Productive and hardworking employees help the business succeed, while continuously helping the business operate on a day to day basis.

Managing your employees and making sure that they stay happy is a challenging task and often a struggle for managers and business owners. But don’t fret! We’re here to guide you in the discussion of productivity, workplace happiness, and paid holiday benefits.

How do you go around the paid holiday off benefit? Do you have to grant this benefit to keep your employees happy and motivated? Let’s discuss it below.


Do I Give The Team A Paid Holiday Off

Our answer for this is a safe Maybe. There are many factors that will influence this decision, and with a lot to consider. Let’s start with the benefits of having a paid holiday off.

Your team members will be more relaxed, satisfied, and productive. Vacations are extremely important for helping your employees learn how to relax. Ultimately, when your employees do not learn this skill, it’ll be harder for them to handle stress down the line.

Another benefit of paid holidays off is that your team will be stronger together. When team members are granted time away from work, other members of the team can see the importance of each and every one’s role. Deciding who should cover duties in one employee’s absence can strengthen bonds between co-workers, based on insight from a Lakeland Florida social media marketing company


Here’s When to Not Give A Paid Holiday Off -- Going the Other Way

While it’s always good to give a paid holiday off, not everyone takes it and it’s because of a couple of reasons.

First, you need to take into consideration your employees’ cultures. They may come from different backgrounds and beliefs, and they may not need a holiday off to celebrate something. Second, some employees are naturally workaholics that they prefer to just work over the holiday.


What Happens When You Don’t Give A Holiday Off

To every business, innovation is important to keep up with the latest trends in your industry, while speeding up existing processes and systems. When you don’t give a paid holiday off to your employees, they’ll be just doing the same system over and over again just because they don’t have the chance to step away and look at things from a different perspective.

Being able to get time off can stimulate your mind and get your creative juices flowing, because it maintains productivity and performance. Another suggestion can be giving bonuses and incentives (if you can) in place of paid holidays off to also ensure that everyone benefits from the said incentive.


The Final Word

While deciding if you should give a paid holiday off to your employees arises as a key aspect of employee management, having a clear vacation policy or an incentive system is beneficial to your employees’ health, and your business as well. Take it from your local Lakeland marketing company!

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