Seriously, WHY do you have a website for your business?

Monday January 10, 2022 comments


I remember our first website. It was atrocious. It wasn’t particularly ugly, and it held fairly important information, but it was not doing anything. And that is what made it atrocious, considering we were existing to improve businesses’ digital presence.

As a newbie in digital marketing at that time, all we knew was that we needed to create a website for people to find us, that we needed a website to show customers that we exist, to legitimize the business, and that somehow, to show potential clients that we can create a website. I would chalk it up to needing learning experiences as a beginning business owner at that time.

We did not fully understand or explore the purpose of creating a website for Social Reach, other than the fact that it was common sense for a digital business. If you asked us then what was our business goal in building the website, we would have felt unnecessarily hard-pressed to give you an answer.

Fast-forward to today, we have come across so MANY businesses that have done the same thing. Throw a lot of business-product-service-related things together in one landing page, leave a phone number and email address, maybe an inquiry form if we’re feeling a little proactive, and then call it a day.

Sometimes companies and agencies also commit the mistake of going through so many competitors’ sites and industry forums only to PICK UP their style, ideas, messages, AND use it in a hodgepodge of things that looks and sounds nothing like their own brand.

We have met a lot of clients who just want a great-looking website but haven’t really thought about WHY they needed one. And that’s okay, that’s what we’re here for.


Understanding and setting a goal and purpose for your website creates the foundation where all of your web content and design will stand on. Picking a goal and focusing on it will help you understand what needs to be shown and to be told on the business’ website.

Whether that is getting more direct calls from potential clients, getting more visitors to your place of business, or getting more booking and email enquiries, zero in on an objective that you want your website to fulfill and strategize the web design and messaging of your copy to all point to that objective’s direction.

You cannot simply have a website because that is what “everyone is doing”. Building and maintaining a website is more than just creating an online address for your business. It can be a tool of education, a tool of communication and service for customers whom you want to engage with.

After years of refining our website from its meh first form, we knew that our number one goal is to ‘book a discovery call’ with our customers. That’s the next step in our sales process that we want our potential customers (you!) to take.

We have learned from several clients and our interactions with business owners, we’ve learnt how to help our clients identify and set a strong website goal and call-to-action in less than an hour!

I have helped clients understand the importance of knowing and creating a core need for a business’ website. Stripping away the hodgepodge and setting a simple and solid goal will not only declutter a vaguely interesting website, it will also create a sharper focus on what your business is truly about.

Having a strong website goal and knowing how to write and design AROUND that goal allows a business to lose all the fluffy content it never needed on its website and provide visitors a clear way to navigate the pages-- which will take potential clients straight into the action that the website goal has set.

Create more clarity by taking a short trip back to the basics of planning and building your business website: What do you want this website to do? What do you want your customers to take away and do on your website?


If you already have an answer, send us a message and book a call with us. Let us transform the way your website engages with your customers. Let us make your website WORK for you and your business. Knowing what you truly want to offer your customers and how you want your customers to avail your services will help them build a relationship with your business. A simple revisited goal can change your business and your website for the BETTER.