Meet the Team- Trannum

Monday December 13, 2021 comments

Trannum- Web Developer

Social Reach Agency is all about improving their employees' skills to make them more skillful and knowledgeable. I am highly motivated by the kind of environment and cooperation provided by peers and superiors. The work culture of this Lakeland marketing team is employee-friendly. I really admire their way of managing employees who are working remotely. We are all teammates who collaborate with each other to make things easy and to generate quality work for our clients.


I still remember my first day when I was learning the system and protocols of the company, I was provided with all the required information and time to understand everything. Patience and encouragement are appreciable which I believe is mandatory to make the employees feel comfortable to ask anything or to suggest anything for the overall growth of the company. Whenever I face any conflict while working, Superiors from our Lakeland marketing team are always there to assist and to share new ideas to solve them. I feel like gradually, my development skills are growing which makes me more confident. Since day one, I realize that I am at the right place where someone understands and trusts us.


I must say, Social Reach as a Lakeland marketing team comes up with the latest ideas to enhance the businesses of our clients. In terms of Generating leads, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, and Marketing Plans Social Reach has the best solutions. It is really a great satisfying feeling when clients come and share their awesome experiences with us. It always motivates us to shine as a team. 


The best Strategies that we have in our working routine are "Task Management '' and the "Daily Meetings" which I believe are really impactful. In order to manage tasks, we have a Task Manager tool to maintain the status and the priority of the tasks so that we can maintain our assigned list. The Daily Meetings are basically to participate in discussions for suggestions and for coordinating with teammates which again improves communications skills and knowledge about other things.


I am delighted because I got an opportunity to work for an organization that always focuses on client satisfaction and encourages teammates to achieve as much to generate quality work. I wish to serve  Social Reach for years and years.