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Meet the Team- JC

Wednesday November 10, 2021 comments


JC Aquino- Graphic Designer

Working with Social Reach is like doing business with your most trusted friends. Scott and Jazzy know how to value their employees. They are very hands-on and treat each of us like family. I can say that Social Reach is one of the best social media marketing companies out there.


The executives always find ways on how to make our job easy. They regularly check up on us, on how we are doing, do we have any suggestions, and what can be done to help us solve the problem.


Three things that Social Reach has taught me was: responsibility, time management, and the right approach for different kinds of businesses. During the first few months of working with them, it took me some time to adapt because the clients would have a different style of graphic elements. But because of Social Reach’s mentorship on how to deal with shifting my creative style to different businesses, challenging tasks were now easier to tackle.


To all small business owners out there that’s looking for a boost on their social media presence and leads, you can never go wrong with Social Reach. The team’s ways of working and advanced strategies in content marketing and paid advertising will put your business in the right direction! For the contractors that would like to work with us, you will be collaborating with the best and insightful people, especially with Scott and Jazzy. Working with everyone here is a breeze!


I am very happy with my work right now because of their good management and understanding in guiding us through different tasks. Most importantly, I am grateful to say that they value us employees. I know that I have many things to learn from Social Reach, not just in work-related aspects but also in collaborating with other team members.

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