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Meet the Team- Christine

Monday October 25, 2021 comments

Christine Vicencio- Ads Specialist

I am so happy and honored to be part of this company. Social Reach is not just a Florida social media marketing company that I am working with but the company that I am working hard for as they value us the same way they value their clients and the business. You will never feel that you are an employee, but a part of them.


In my over a decade working experience as a BPO agent and a freelancer, I’ve never been this so excited to work in a Lakeland marketing company, a lot of things are new to me but the team put all the effort into teaching every detail that I needed. There were things that amazed me and made me understand the weird stuff that I am seeing on Facebook ads, why those pop-outs are exactly in my interest, and I was like “Ah! Now I know”. There’s a lot of stuff that I still need to study and learn. This job also brings out the creative side of the person, something that we never knew we have, and will give really good exercise to our brain cells. 


What I really like the most is the everyday catching up with all the team members, brainstorming with social media strategy and the tasks that need to be done, and checking on how you are feeling. It’s not a normal thing, but it made us feel special. I find it really effective and must be applied by all employers to their employees. They will also hear out what you are thinking instead of giving directives on what it is that you need to do, a totally different culture and approach with my previous jobs. They let us fail, for them to correct and finally learn from it.


I would be more than happy to work for them for as long as they want me to or much better until I get to my retirement age.


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