Marketing to Create Your Brand Loyalty

By: ash Tuesday December 1, 2020 comments



Does Loyalty Lie With the Best Brand?

Or with the brand who has the best marketing?


Have you established yourself as the go-to expert in your industry within your area? Maybe you have lifelong customers, consistent regulars, or maybe you're ready to focus your marketing efforts on getting more return business (it actually costs a lot less than to reach them when compared to the average cost of getting a new customer). So, take stock of one of the most underutilized groups in sales: previous customers!


First, before you can truly be ready to make the most of marketing to your customers, ask yourself if you deliver on all your promises, and to the highest standard? If your business has been consistent in showing a strong, positive, response to customer service then you are in the right position to be thinking about generating more brand loyalty from these connections. Loyalty starts with a great experience for your customer that was more than they were expecting. 




Make the Right Impression

Once you and your team are all on par with exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations, then you can start thinking about how to really get personal and get your customers engaged with your brand. Some ideas suggest businesses should follow their users back, or posts on their timeline, but most experts agree that you want to always reply to comments on your business’ posts. This gives a personality behind your brand, it makes you more relatable, personable, and interacting with your customers on your social media shows that you take an interest in your customers, they have a connection with you. 




When interacting with your customers, keep in mind that you should:

  • Always stay on brand
  • Make your branding, voice, tone, etc consistent with all media on all platforms
  • Find community events to sponsor and get involved with to be more involved in your customers personal lives
  • Give great incentive for word of mouth, referrals, reviews, show your customer that their opinion is valuable
  • Offer rewards that aren’t boring bogos, or 10% off, try a giveaway or loyalty program


Is it Rewarding to be Your Customer?

Think of providing incentives for your customers to return to your site by creating programs that reward loyalty to your brand by giving away products, discounts or coupons. The greater the rewards, the more business you can expect. Take advantage of your CRM to create marketing campaigns. Strive to make your emails as personal as possible, and always include your clients name in every correspondence. Use your customer information in your CRM to send special coupons on their birthday, or a discount sent only to subscribed customers. 



If you find a unique way of giving your promotion a feeling of exclusivity your customers will feel more special and appreciated, especially since most discounts are focused on rewarding new customers



Be Visible Where You Are

Positioning your business as one that cares about its community, focuses on connecting to users and followers, and can provide review after review talking about what a great experience, creates a brand loyalty that is so strong it adds in much more longevity and value to your business! Brand loyalty has the greatest ability to grow your business and sustain your long-term goals. People are constantly searching for a sense of human interaction and personal connection, tap into this and you'll end up spending less time and money into your marketing.

Make sure you’re invested in your customer in a meaningful way, gain their trust by making good on your promises and reward your base of loyal, growing customers. Loyal customers are like brand ambassadors. They are much more likely to refer their friends to your services if you’re the business they enjoyed hiring


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