Do you Need Better Employees?

By: ash Tuesday November 17, 2020 comments

If You're in Need of Better Employees, then you're also in Need of Marketing


When it comes to the term “branding” we probably all generally think more about the marketing side. Things like company logo, brand messaging, and how a company might be perceived by consumers.

While those tend to be the main focus of building brand awareness, we often neglect or do not discuss the value of employer branding. Employer branding is simply a company’s reputation as an employer and the value it brings or what it offers to their employees.



Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees. Many times, companies focus on the consumer-facing brand, (how your company is perceived by customers and prospects). Yet, an equal focus needs to be put on the employer brand to create a vibrant, recognizable, culture within the company.


Get Culture

How do you show that you have a great company culture? Just like when you are trying to attract a customer before you get them on the phone, your website, your online business and social media culture must give them something of value.



It’s much the same with prospective employees: 

You have to make them want you, and want to earn the job with you! 



Otherwise, you’ll keep ending up with employees who are there just for the paycheck but aren’t invested in being a part of your business. It would be like having a perpetual revolving door of unmotivated applicants as your only source for candidates. Just like marketing creates content based on buyer personas, you’ll need content for candidate personas too.


Ideally, this will be a few things:


  • Blog posts on company events, work culture, company hiring process, benefits of working there, etc.
  • Social media posts of internal work culture, employee highlights, etc. This could be photos, videos, blog posts, employees sharing jobs.
  • Video testimonials from employees and even former employees who had a positive and exciting experience



These are all great pieces to mix in with your company’s marketing content and will be easily found by potential job candidates. This content also serves as educational material, that helps move top talent down a “hiring funnel” with the ultimate goal of potential candidates actually applying for the job.



Consider How Your Business Looks to Potential Candidates

All in all, an organization is a product which serves its customers through the best talents and the best technologies available. To attract the best talent, you need to go where you find candidates who possess such demanding skills. If people are spending valuable time to make informed decisions while buying a product as mundane as a mobile phone, we have to consider the lengths they’ll go to in contracting their skills to an organization. Candidates want the best in work environment, growth opportunity, compensation and flexibility.





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