New From Social Reach - Landing Pages, Chatbots, and Content Generation

By: ScottCox Friday December 8, 2017 comments Tags: Lakeland Florida Marketing, Lakeland Florida Marketing Company, Florida Social Media Marketing, Florida Marketing Strategy

New Services!
The greatest and most successful business Entrepreneurs, Founders, and CEO's, will always tell you that serving a client well is all about the value you bring! This statement holds so much meaning and yet can be perceived so many different ways. In social media, the landscape is always changing and in this blog we are letting our readers know what new services we are adding to adapt to these changes.

We had a great start in 2017 with a lot of changes. We were busy figuring out what worked, what didn't work, and what we needed to do more of. While we were experimenting we got a lot of clarity and focus on what our customers need and want the most. Our goal is to be a full service "Social Media" agency and not sway from that.

Landing Pages

We really felt making landing pages a prominent part of our sales funnels was very important. We learned that many Lakeland small business owners don't always understand how an appropriately designed and implemented landing page can help them. When landing pages are designed to have a good sales flow and incorporate lots of media, reviews, and benefits and are appropriately used in the overall sales process they are highly effective.


We also experimented with different follow up tools such as email and text marketing. While these can be very effective we found that using automated chat services with Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger obviously directly incorporates with our social media focus. Yay!! We partnered with a local Florida developer to build any sized funnel with any integration so our clients can use the most relevant and effective follow up tools available today. Not only will Chatbots be great for follow up and sales, they will also be great for distributing content and driving traffic back to your business page!

Content Generation

The last service we are actually bringing back! We knew when we got started that one of the biggest problems for business owners was creating content. It's not that they don't want to, it's just in addition to everything else, this seems to be the last on their minds. We started with offering videography and photography services and unfortunately our content generator decided to go a different direction. Well we are proud to say that we have found another content generator to join the team and help us to deliver for clients. Of course there are many Lakeland buisness photographers out there, where we differ is by adding in the marketing strategy to help make sure you aren't just getting some pretty looking content, but content that you can actually use to boost your presence and sales. Need help being creative? Check out this blog!

In Summary
We are so excited to be offering these services and actually give our clients complete solutions to growing their businesses. Of course adding more services means adding more time. More time for strategy planning and more time to create, implement, and manage these strategies. So in order to fit these services in and continue to do industry research we do have to increase our prices. However, with the added value in these new services, we know that we are still giving clients a great value and at fair market prices and we will always continue to do so.

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