It’s NOT too late to pivot your small business; there is always a place for you ONLINE.

Wednesday December 1, 2021 comments


Almost two years ago, life was normal. Our children played maskless in parks, young couples went on dates, holding hands and making out in public, which we, of course, love to hate.

People greeted each other with kisses and hugs when meeting each other at coffee shops to catch up. Football stadiums were crammed with eagle-eyed fans in team colors and who erupt in cheers and anguished cries depending on what’s happening on the gridiron.

Some of us regularly drive to the movie theaters to see the latest film everyone is talking about at work.

Oh, work...

Work meant daily commute, PLENTY of meetings that could have just been emails, with colleagues who have become our Friday night friends, and clients who give us the biggest smiles of relief once we have helped them with their concern, and who also occasionally buy us a celebratory dinner on some of those Friday nights.

We can go on and on about all the things that made our normal pre-COVID, but we have to face the fact that the pandemic definitely changed the world, our lives, and our Lakeland business.

The pandemic has absolutely put a lot of us in situations that range from unsettling to devastating, especially for businesses that require in-person transactions and foot traffic, and for families who have lost loved ones to the virus that has wiped out thousands of businesses and at least 5 million lives across the globe.

A lot of businesses have amazingly adjusted to the pandemic. From drive-thru funerals to online yoga classes, businesses adapted to counter-pandemic guidelines and made sure that our lives went on as normally as possible. Slowly but surely, companies adapted, communities adapted— we adapted.

Digitization of businesses is the huge and sensible trend that has empowered thousands of small businesses to survive. Going digital meant less human interaction which affected the way we saw each other and pushed Lakeland businesses to be even more creative in selling their services and products to make up for the lack of our usual more sensory interaction.

You may even be one of the worried entrepreneurs who still have not figured out if they can make the pivot to digitizing business. It is a very bizarre time but what is more mindblowing is that the game has changed forever. The virus looks like it is about to leave us in peace in the near future, but the way we cope with it and our attitude towards pandemics are here to stay.

And because of that, we urge you to take a hard look at your business and at your marketing assets with the awareness that you are ready to make changes and transform into a business that can thrive in a real pandemic-stricken world and the digital world.

No matter what skill set you have or services that you provide, you can make it accessible and available online. The growing online sales and transactions in all industries show that transitioning your business online is feasible. Using the right tools, such as social media and a well-optimized website, planning content, and executing the perfect digital marketing strategy for you, you can revive your business and even make it reach new heights. You can reach more customers and be able to respond to them in the quickest way from the comforts of your own home office or business location.

Even with the overwhelming surge of online presence, customer needs remain at an all-time high, which means you should take up space. The world needs your products and services now, more than ever, and you are set up for success to make it in the digital space more than you estimate yourself. Again, it is NEVER too late; you ARE actually just on time.

People still need more small businesses who can answer their questions, provide them services, and deliver products to them in a safe way. And entrepreneurs like you need to re-strategize and get used to a new and more resilient way of doing business.

It is our mission here in Social Reach, your Lakeland marketing agency to help small businesses maximize their potential through reaching their customers digitally, without losing authenticity. You are more ready to pivot than you think you are. Give us a call or send us an email so we can talk about how we can help your business step it up to a whole new digital game of entrepreneurship.