It’s About Time the Public Sector Invests in Paid Ads

Thursday January 27, 2022 comments


Paid advertising is a highly effective way to get new website visitors from your state or city and to increase awareness. But remember that posting ads is not enough; planning and strategy is crucial for the effectiveness of these paid ads. Some entities execute online advertising campaigns and spend thousands of dollars, but they see little to no return on their investment, because the strategy is not done right, which is a disaster.


Search Ads

For the public sector, Search Ads are a great way to raise awareness and reach the general public by getting to the top of organic and local search results. When citizens are searching for a guide to services or to transact with you, Search Ads make sure your organization’s website shows up. Running Search Ads will give your institution’s online presence a boost, no matter how you rank organically.

Search ads are displayed in the results of a user’s browser after they enter a search. You can create search ads for Google and other search engines like Yahoo. These look identical to organic search results except that they have an “Ad” symbol in the top left corner of the item. Your Search Ads will show up when a user searches for specific keywords that your ad is optimized for, as well as any other qualifier in your ad campaign.



Another interesting strategy is retargeting paid ads. These are shown to people who visited your website in the past but who didn’t transact or take an action you wanted them to take while on your website the last time they visited.

For example, you have a trade and commerce registration website and someone visits your website. They fill out some online forms and then leave the site before submitting the whole thing. They would qualify to be shown Retargeting Ads. Retargeting ads can also reach users across multiple platforms including social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow agencies and organizations to advertise to their target audiences as well. With advanced targeting options, and the option to retarget users on social media sites, social media advertising can be extremely advantageous for the public sector’s engagement and information dissemination objectives.

Sometimes organizations don’t see results with paid advertising because they don’t have the time or expertise to manage an online ad campaign as well as they’d like to. With so many ads to choose from, constantly evolving technology and your multiple vital responsibilities as a government administrator, it’s a given that managing paid advertising could be overwhelming. This is where you can experience having a digital marketing partner, such as Social Reach, as an advantage.


Entrust your ads to Social Reach

If you want to reap all the benefits that paid advertising campaigns can bring to your organization, but you’re not sure where to begin, our team is always ready for a discovery call with you. For more information on what it’s like to have Social Reach handle your digital marketing needs, contact us today!