How do we get more leads?

Tuesday September 8, 2020 comments

Just 1-3% of Leads Close Right Away

Today’s customer expects instantaneous contact with your business, but are you responding immediately to every inquiry? Unable to meet the demand, how much potential revenue is slipping between your fingers if your leads move on to someone else? 

As you try to juggle providing great service to your existing customers, while trying to grow your business, is your business information still in front of your leads? Or maybe they really liked your business but can’t remember your contact info?


Familiarity and Trust Makes those Leads YOUR Customers

It’s a lot to manage on your own, so we take the weight of following up with your leads off your shoulders with an automated follow-up process that increases the amount of leads you close, getting profitable returns on your investment in your social media marketing


Our customized emails and texts are sent immediately when your leads request more info. 

We continue contact with your lead over the next month. 

Keeping your business visible will help potential customers get to know you better and build up trust with them as your brand is at the top of their mind. 

We don’t just remind your leads about your great services or offers, we drive them with each and every email or text with a call to action. 


Our follow-up campaigns ensure your business is in front of your potential customer for longer, and more frequently, giving you warm leads

All Your Leads, All One Place

Not only do we contact your leads with a personalized follow-up campaign, but we also integrate your business's leads with all-in-one-CRM to allow you to immediately contact your potential customers.Our app gets your specific leads to you instantly. From your phone you have the opportunity to close more deals no matter where you are. 

You’re Business Needs to be Seen, Over and Over

You can focus on your business, take on more customers, and stay right there in front of your potential customers with personalized content, without the juggling act. Take advantage of our proven marketing strategies and slipping through make it positive