Get More Clients - Offer Appointment Scheduling through Social Media & Increase Your Lead Generation!

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You've been using Instagram and Facebook business pages to help you gain exposure. You may have also been using these two platforms to synchronize your posts in one smooth motion. But there has always been a dilemma for hyper-linking your Contact page to Instagram posts the same way you can with Facebook. 

Imagine yourself as a potential customer in need of a specific service. You come across a local company with some really compelling content on Instagram, and you just know this is the perfect company to help you with your needs! You are ready to book their service, but you can't click the web link on their post to their contact page! Now you have to go and do a search on Google to find their company again. How many people do you think actually remember to do a Google search and then stay long enough to fill out your contact page? Yeah - not many.

If you're a company in a service industry, you won't be able to effectively use Instagram for lead generation without a way to help people fill out their information at the moment they're interested is your business.

Now that lead generation problem has been eliminated, thanks to a modified appointment scheduler on Facebook and Instagram! Your potential customers can now book online through Instagram without having to leave your business page. The best part: It is all synchronized between Facebook, Instagram, and even Google Calendar. 

Good News for Service Industry Businesses!

Now you can optimize your lead generation across Facebook and Instagram to get the most cost efficient and effective results!

Here's how to set up your social media appointment calendar:

Step 1:
From your Facebook page manager, click on the blue button. Depending on your current set-up, this button may say "send email", "send message", "call now", etc... After you click it, a pop-up will provide you with options, including "Book with you".
Step 1: Add the

Step 2:
Choose where you would like your "Book Now" button to send your customers. Since our goal is to provide convenience, let's choose "Appointments on Facebook", then click "finish".

Step 3:
You can set up your appointment scheduler to match your business hours! This is a very useful guide for your customers.

Adjusting Your Business Hours

You can add two sets of business hours per day! Just click the "plus" to adjust the hours of your additional time slots.

Step 4:

After you set up your business hours, you will have the options to

  • Approve appointments as they are scheduled - this is convenient if you plan to double-book. You can deny requests and offer alternative times so you don't become over-booked.
  • Allow double-booking - this is perfect if you have a large team within your company who can serve multiple clients at a time, like a nail salon. 
  • Sync to Google Calendar - so you and your team are always in-the-know!

Step 5:
Lastly, let's connect to Instagram! All you have to do is click "OK", and viola! The "Book Now" button will appear on your Facebook and Instagram.
Your appointment book will be synchronized across both platforms, so you'll never miss a customer. 

Why is adding a social media scheduler beneficial?

  • Offer a seamless online booking experience to your customers.
  • Sync your media scheduler to your Google Calendar.
  • Manage all of your appointments from one platform.
  • Saves you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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