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Facebook Verification - What, Why, and How

By: ScottCox Thursday September 6, 2018 comments Tags: audiences, brand, facebook, facebook marketing, google ranking, Lakeland, marketing strategy, social media agencies, social media tools, facebook insights

With recent updates to Facebook and the attention on data breaches, you may have seen Facebook beef up their security. Something super powerful that we recommend at Social Reach is that as a business owner you: Verify Your Facebook Business Page!

You know that little blue or gray check mark you see on some Facebook Pages? Well, at one point it was only found on the pages of celebrities and public figures. But it is becoming widely seen on business pages, in the form of a small gray check mark. It's very beneficial to verify your Facebook business page for a couple of reasons and we have outlined some of the main ones below.

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Increased Social Ranking

By verifying your Facebook page, it will rank higher on the list of searched items. (Facebook tells you this when you go to verify your page) That's right Facebook is a search engine of its own and don't forget it! This simply means if a potential customer is accessing Facebook's search bar for a specific service, your Florida business will show up higher in the results. In addition, Google hasn't directly stated this however, they have dropped hints that it can play a role in your search engine ranking. It's not completely known how much the verification will help with SEO, but Facebook directly says it will improve your ranking on their platform. With Facebook's algorithm constantly changing, we recommend you give your Page every advantage to stand out. 

Official Brand Page

Verifying your page will also increase more views by taking your page from basic and unofficial to having Facebook's bonafide official stamp of approval. That means that Facebook has confirmed your page as authentic. Hint, Hint it can also set your business apart from the unverified competition. At times we at Social Reach have seen Lakeland businesses using more than one page, it could be that employees have created their own business pages and are using the company's name in some form. This can cause confusion for customers looking for the official business page. The verification of your Page tells Facebook and your potential customers that it is, in fact, the official Page of your brand. This can also encourage your following or customers to tag pictures linking your page to theirs. This function can be used to promote your business and encourage digital positive word-of-mouth experiences. 

Consumer Trust Building

One of the key benefits of verifying your Facebook page is it builds trust with your customers and following. Your audience knows they're getting authentic information when you post and share from a verified page. Not only will they find your page more easily, but they will also be more likely to comment, like, or even buy a product. Having a verified business Facebook page increases a higher chance of interaction with your audience. We all can agree that first impressions are important, especially on the web where attention spans are so short. When an ideal customer first comes across your business Page, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. The verification check mark makes your page professional and your business credible. Check out these pitfalls to avoid when using social media

How do I request a gray verification badge for my Page?


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