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Services for Event Marketers

Need to sell more tickets to your event? Need a way to manage the thousands of attendees for your event? Need someone to handle the marketing so you can focus on getting the event off the ground?

You can get more butts in seats, better communication tools, and freedom from the hassle of marketing with the Event Marketer Program from Social Reach!


Our Plan

Selling tickets is your #1 priority as an event marketer

You need as many seats filled as possible, and you need an all-in-one system that helps you spread exposure for your event, sell tickets, and communicate with attendees.

We reach your audience and increase awareness for your event with targeted marketing

We also build out the ticketing system to automate the process and make tiketing a breeze for you. Even better, our integrated system includes text, email, and social media campaigns to communicate with attendees. As a cherry on top, we provide video services to share your event with even more people.

Our holistic marketing plan includes:

Social Posts

Facebook and Google Ads

Landing Pages

Email Campaigns

Text Campaigns

Integrated CRM


It’s time to find a marketing company who understands the struggles of running a business and has the experience, strategies, and system to deliver the results you need. 

Get freedom from your marketing and exponential growth with Social Reach. 

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Why Social Reach?

You’re a busy event marketer focused on creating magical experiences for your clients and getting as many people to the event as possible. Social media marketing is important, but you may not have the time to craft and execute a winning strategy. You know what you need, but you can’t get there by yourself.

As experts in marketing, Social Reach knows how to help you increase your exposure, sales, and success.

We have a full team, proven strategies, and complete systems to help you accomplish your marketing goals. No matter what kind of event you’re marketing, we can help make it an overwhelming success! We’ve helped dozens of other event marketers and we can help you too!

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