Educate Your Clients

Tuesday May 14, 2019 comments Tags: social media, social media strategy, educate, customer loyalty, customer service, customer management

Why Educate Your Clients?

Competition on social media is fierce, and you need a way to stand out. Even better, you need a way to reach your customers and connect with them in a meaningful way.

Your customers need something from you, and many times they don't know exactly what that entails. For example, they may know they need a mortgage in order to buy a house, but they have no idea what the mortgage approval process looks like or what they need before they get started. A homeowner may know their roof needs to be washed, but they may not know what soft washing is and why it's so valuable.

Because your clients need something from you, and have questions about what they need, social media is a perfect opportunity to build relationships with your clients through education! Answering questions and solving problems creates goodwill with your audience and helps you earn the trust of potential customers. They want more than just a pitch from you. They desire to interact with your company to better understand your viewpoints and dedication to them before they commit.

How to Educate Your Clients

  1. Host an educational event for current and potential customers.

    Here are just a couple of ideas for how to educate through events:

    - If you’re recruiting salon professionals, consider inviting a
    sharpening expert to teach salon professionals how to maintain scissors/shears and tips and secrets of the industry that most sharpeners won't share.

    - If you are a real estate agent or mortgage firm, schedule a Home Buyers 101 class for first-time buyers. Share the important info they need to know when it comes to buying a house or tips on how to maintain your first home.

    - Those in the food industry could host a food-storage safety class that informs the public on how to best store food and what types of foods must be refrigerated after opening.

  2. Share relevant, information posts on social media.

    You can do this by doing audience research to see what your target audience is talking about. What are the questions they have? What concerns are they worried about? What problems are they searching for solutions to?

    Next, you can create a cohesive content creation plan and schedule posts according to topics your audience cares about. In each post, share information that answers questions, speaks to concerns, or solves problems for your audience. You can even launch your own blog to educate your customers with longer content and can share those blogs on your social media platforms!

  3. Promote educational videos through social ads.

    Your audience wants to connect with you. They want to know about your business and hear about what sets you apart from the competition. Videos are a perfect way to engage and educate your audience!

    Videos get attention on social, and they'll get even more attention if the topics of the videos are questions or concerns your potential customers have. Social ads are the perfect way to distribute these videos, since you have a lot of options for how to target your audience and optimize for video views. 


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