Do you Need More Referrals?

By: ash Tuesday November 24, 2020 comments



Wondering What it Takes to see More Referrals?

Instead of asking yourself “how do I make my business more referable” think about “who do people give referrals for, and what are these businesses doing differently?”


Looking at what kinds of businesses get the most referrals, and what they are doing right can help you identify things that you can emulate in your business too. There’s a lot to be learned by the people who are rolling in the referrals. You need to first understand more about your customer and why they chose to spend their money with you in the first place. Then, you’ll need to know how you can use this knowledge to make your customers much more likely to make a referral.


What is Your Customer Thinking?

People make referral decisions just like they make their buying decisions. It’s two parts really, they decide something is the right price and fit their needs, this is the logical part of the buying decision. Then they make a decision about how the item or service would feel, would it improve their life, impress their friends, boost their confidence, etc, this is the emotional part of the customers buying decision. 


In order to get more referrals, and hit the emotion and logic of your customers you must:


      • Make people certain you can help them
      • And that you’ll deliver what is promised




But to refer you, they must also: 


      • Feel good about helping you
      • Trust that their referral will be treated well
      • Genuinely enjoy the experience they have with your business




People Remember People

Businesses with the most referrals focus on solving their customers problems, while providing a unique, memorable, personal or high quality experience. People are much more memorable than a business. Make sure your brand has a personality, that you are making real emotional connections with your customers, and that you are making those relationships the focus for your team. Give your customers good reason to remember you and recommend you to others!


Find a Referral Program

Do some trial and error! Try different kinds of referral programs, Google really successful ones to see what you could use from their example. Or create your own program, just be sure to think of what would truly incentivize your customers to help with your marketing, there has to be the right amount of reward for their efforts. 



Direct Referrals

With a direct referral program, you simply state to your existing clients an offer for the act of creating a referral that turns into a client. “Refer a friend to our marketing firm and we’ll give you a free website review” is an example of how to use this approach. It’s motivating and describes what the business does.


  • Reward them with an upgraded service
  • Give store credit
  • Offer a great discount
  • Scale up reward system in stages of increasing reward 
    • 1st for qualified referrals
    • 2nd proposal sent
    • 3rd sold deal reward for referring customer 



Community Referrals

There are so many community organizations that need and deserve your support. When you partner with a non-profit player and support their mission, events, and needs you can also offer promotional support by running the occasional promotion that benefits your partner. “When you buy this week or sign a contract this week, 10% of the proceeds go to benefit our community partner” is an example of how this would work.



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