Do Your Research

Friday May 10, 2019 comments Tags: social media, research, marketing

In order to be successful with your social media strategy, it's vital to do your research. In the past, research methods included focus groups where a hand-selected group of people was brought together to the same location at the same time to discuss a specific topic in order to gain feedback on a certain product or service. Surveys were also used to research as brands asked specific questions to a specific group of people and received quantitative, measurable information, which drove data-backed conclusions. Another former research method was controlled experiments that allowed researchers to understand how people behave under specific circumstances in a measurable way. Even though these three methods had some pros and could be considered somewhat reliable they were timely, expensive and often lacked the definitive and statistically-backed conclusions of other research methods.


So what's the best way to conduct social media research today?


Either quantitative or qualitative research will help you understand the industry you are creating content about. Quantitative research utilizes mathematical forecasting to assess data where qualitative means users are utilizing their own judgment when reviewing information. No matter which method you use, after you conduct your research, you will be able to come up with clear goals to focus on the right areas. This will enable you to serve your customers and audience better.


Then will be the time where the Social Reach App report builder will come into play to help track the progress. Creating a custom report for a particular social media channel is simple with the App. You can easily select which data you want to see for each report or you can automatically set it to pull the same kind of report every day, week, month, etc. Seeing which posts received the most engagement and what the best times of day were will allow you to take your initial research to the next level.