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Do I Need To Give Away Freebies to Get Leads?

Friday November 12, 2021 comments


Many successful business owners are always looking to expand their customer base and grow their business. While it’s also the truth that business growth is a long and challenging journey, one of the key elements of doing so is having a steady stream of leads.

While leads can be found in a number of platforms such as Email Newsletters, Social Media, and Industry Events, not all platforms will fit your business, social media strategy, and its goals. That is why it’s always important to leverage and exhaust all possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, do we really need to give away freebies to get leads? Should it be a constant fixture in your promotional plan?

Let’s discuss this below.


Our quick answer

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, quality leads can still be obtained by penetrating other digital platforms, most prominently in terms of social media strategy through posts and other engagement-heavy material such as blogs and PPC Campaigns.

With leads, it takes a huge amount of effort to continuously build your audience by having constant communication with them, and getting in front of them by providing updates on your services and promotions.


Can I still give freebies if I want to?

Yes, of course! People love free stuff, and they will immediately grab something as long as it’s free -- especially on digital platforms.

What’s great about using freebies alongside your lead generation strategies is that it can create a heightened level of interest within your brand, and increased word-of-mouth. If they find your freebies useful, they’ll most likely share it with others.

Use freebies to your advantage by making sure that it’s not undervalued. When it’s undervalued, you can possibly turn away potential customers. If your freebies aren’t good, your services or products are most likely not good as well.

Keep in mind to always give useful resource material and usable products that are easy for your audience to share and give away to their friends.


Just A Taste!

Consider your freebie as a sample and not give away the whole core of your product or service. Craft your strategy and highlight wonder and usability to make them crave more about acquiring your products and services.


The power of giving incentives

Once a user takes your freebie, what’s expected is that they’re on their way to convert and actually make a purchase. Well, yes it can be, but sometimes we need more than just a nudge to keep them in the loop.

Enter: Incentives.

Also called lead magnets, incentives can harvest even more attraction to motivate your potential customers to snag your products. They come in the form of Checklists, Content Upgrades, and mini Email Courses. Assess these suggestions and see what can work for your business!

Lead generation is a long but fulfilling process of building credibility, trust, and interest to ultimately make way towards business growth.

Your local Lakeland marketing company experts at Social Reach know what it takes to cultivate leads that will garner you high-quality prospects, and high-value business growth. Work with us today!

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