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Customize your promos for the holidays and win!

Sunday December 5, 2021 comments


Crafting a magnificent holiday marketing strategy can seem particularly overwhelming. Don’t overwhelm yourself and stick to the basics. And deliver your message strong and direct.

You can still learn and prepare from the past. Look back at statistics from previous years to understand where you won and where you could use some improvements. Analyzing your previous strategies and campaigns will help you avoid making similar mistakes.

In addition to performance statistics, consider looking at customer data. Has your customer base changed a lot in the past year? What are the main demographics? What do they value? Understanding these key elements of your ideal customer will help you craft holiday messaging and social media strategy that gets responses and leads.

Don’t fall into the trap of mirroring your competitors’ strategies. The key to a successful holiday marketing campaign lies in knowing your target audience and staying authentic to your brand identity.

If you have younger customers, like Gen Z or Millennials, amp up your social media marketing efforts to share special offers or holiday promotions. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, get creative with last-minute gift ideas available with delivery or online purchases, pick-up in store options.

Don’t be afraid to err on the side of simplicity. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of holiday planning and be pressured to be more elaborate. However, it’s better in the long run to start simple with your holiday promos, especially if this is your first holiday season as a brand. Even huge companies often practice the basics during the holidays.

The holidays are not a good time to experiment with a new approach for customers, especially if you’ve done thorough testing and discovery year-round to nail down the correct messaging. Make sure you’re standing by with a customer experience that matches what good experience they’ve been through when they purchased in the past.

Using social media marketing, including the use of hashtags, is another simple approach to take your social media strategy to the next level.

Regardless of the size of your website and the number of your social media pages, you’ll also need to be ready to remedy any issues that may occur on your site, on your holiday ads, including Facebook ads, and anywhere else.

With the growth of online shopping especially since the pandemic, customers are more familiar with holiday promos, now more than ever before.

One thing that will stay true during the holidays is the “content-first” approach that innovative and successful brands are using today. Using content marketing as a method to reach customers, we’ll see brands offer more personalized shopping experiences, including discount codes and holiday gift guides that will make customers even feel more special and that you are a part of the spirit of gift-giving.

Offer valuable content through blogs and posts, and share sincere messages of well wishes to your targeted audience during the holidays. Doing this can reap big rewards, especially if you keep SEO in mind. This optimized content will help drive organic traffic to your website as customers search for products or services that you sell— even if they’ve never shopped with you before.

If you’ve introduced a new brand voice or customer marketing strategy over the past year, be sure to weave that new messaging into your holiday campaigns— otherwise, it may result in an unsatisfactory customer experience.

With so many promotions around the holiday shopping season, email marketing is as important as ever to draw customers to your online store if you have one. Make sure your email campaigns help you stand out from the crowd and clearly communicate the benefits of shopping with you over your competitors.

When creating your holiday marketing promos, make sure you’re clearly rewarding customers to visit your business and complete a purchase, not only because they saved money or got freebies but because you made them feel like they got the perfect deal and service.

There is a fine line between reckless discounting or giveaways and creating a relationship with your customers. You don’t want to devalue your Lakeland business brand to the point where customers think it’s cheap. They might not be compelled to make a repeat purchase.

The holiday season isn’t just about creating revenue— it’s also about establishing connections with customers who will return to purchase in the off-season. Make sure that customer retention is top of mind during any marketing decision you make for the holidays.

This is the holiday season after all, and, after a tough year, customers are looking forward to the merriment and the good “feels” of the season.

For many, this means giving back and doing good deeds. Consider partnering with a non-profit to get in the holiday spirit while sharing your brand mission with your customers.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider partnering with a local organization or tap your customers to learn which organizations are close to their hearts. End the year on a positive note.

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