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Create a Social Media Routine That Works for You

Friday May 3, 2019 comments

We all know that social media managers have many tasks to tackle. Some involve communicating directly with clients but many others are never seen being accomplished. Handling so many duties can be overwhelming. However, setting a daily routine where you block time for specific activities keeps you on track.

It’s vital to establish a social media routine that’s right for you. Not everything will work for everyone. The best way to find the right fit is to determine the best times for engaging with customers on social media and communicating with clients by phone or email. Utilizing a predetermined time for each activity helps you focus so you address people correctly.


Cathy Wassell, Founder of the Socially Contented digital marketing agency, said: “Don’t waste time or confuse your customers or clients by speaking in the wrong persona. Get your business head on before you tackle your business emails and social media engagement, and keep on branding your replies.”

So if Tuesday morning is the best time for you to be able to create content for four hours, then schedule it on your calendar and don’t let anything else take that time slot. Using the Social Reach App to create content and schedule it will allow you to know out week’s worth of posts in one sitting.

As Sophia Rabe, the Founder and CEO of Olive and Milosocial media agency, shares, having a designated and organized routine for content creation helps her to divide her time more effectively: “I have a pretty streamlined process when it comes to creating content for my clients. About two weeks before the next month starts I do a month worth of content for all my clients in bulk. It’s a crazy week for me and my team but the process works well and allows us to spend the rest of the month engaging and optimizing once the creation and publishing are out of the way.”

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