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Choose the Social Media Platforms You'll Use

Monday May 6, 2019 comments Tags: social media, social media strategy


Posting to every single social media platform is vital to success, right?


Your audience might not be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and GoogleMyBusiness. Chances are they mostly log on to one of those. Some of your target audience rarely uses three of their social media accounts while others only signed up for one of them. "Big social media numbers don’t mean big activity. For example, there are over 1 billion Google users, but only 35% percent of those users were active in the past month. Twitter, too, has a lot of members with a relatively low number of active members. Of the site’s 645,750,000 sign-ups, only a portion of those are active each month," stated Neil Patel on

Taking the time to figure out what social media platform your audience lives on is so important. Otherwise, your wasting so much time and content creating posts that will never be seen by the majority of your audience. How do determine where your target audience lives socially? Look at the analytics for each social media platform to see which one shows the most activity in a given period of time. Don't narrow the time period down too much or you might not get accurate data.

After you’ve decided which social media platform is used the most by your particular target audience, do some research to find the most engaging types of posts with that audience. They might be polls. They could be funny videos or memes. They might even be engaging questions with eye-catching images. Whatever they are, be sure to include them in your posting strategy. But most importantly post them primarily on the social media platform with the most activity for your audience. You can still post periodically to the other channels just to stay active, but don’t concentrate on those as much as you would your main social media platform.

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