COVID Affecting Your Business?

By: ash Monday October 5, 2020 comments Tags: facebook marketing, content marketing

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Marketing now? In the middle of all this? 

How has COVID affected your life and business? Do you want more leads but it doesn't seem like things have picked back up yet? With no end in sight to COVID, you may feel bogged down and not realize that you can use marketing as a tool to have consistency in your business, no matter what external factors are affecting your competitors, you outlast them all with the right marketing


You may feel this is the worst time to advertise, or use money toward marketing, but it is actually the most advantageous time to take advantage of social media. Your business has a unique opportunity to reach more customers, and potential clients than ever before:

  • During this time, your customers have shifted from brick and mortar locations to online platforms for both work and school and are using social media more than ever. 
  • Most customers rely solely on internet for information about businesses and services
  • Most customers use their phones for searches rather than computers 
  • Social Media ads are more successful in converting potential customers into paying customers than traditional advertising methods


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With a quick search your customers can immediately find the company or service they need. But if you don’t have a strong social media presence then how likely is it your customer will stumble across your business? When potential customers are scrolling through their phones, does your social media ad target your audience and speak to what grabs their attention?

Professional marketing utilizes strategies to bring in qualified leads with ads that reach optimization for the lowest cost per leads. If your ad no longer performs well, it is immediately altered and adjusted based on audience data and marketing algorithms.

Without an

  • active
  • engaging
  • converting

presence on social media then you’re missing the chance to speak to your ideal customers right now, exactly where they are! Marketing is a full time job, not one that a business owner can possibly devote enough hours to. Investing in your business, making more money for your time, and having expert marketing bringing you leads is how the companies with longevity survive throughout the bad years and the unpredictabile.


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Think You're not in a Place to Take a Risk?

You are already a bold risk taker, you’re a business owner! You know better than anyone that nothing is without risk in a business. But you also know the risk you took to set out on your own was worth it to reach your goals. Your business is your best investment, and businesses that remain profitable, even in times of uncertainty, are the ones who stay consistently in front of  their audience

Our team of professionals create customized content for all your social media marketing needs to bring businesses qualified leads. COVID has chaged business, but it hasn't stopped it either, and the ones who utilize marketing will be the ones who make it. We want YOU to not just make it but we want to help your GROW your business during this time. 


Ready to amplify your business and grow during this unprecedented time? 


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