5 Ways to Get the Most out of LinkedIn

By: ScottCox Thursday January 25, 2018 comments Tags: marketing, content creation, marketing strategy, digital advertising, advertising

LinkedIn may not be in the social media spotlight very often, but the platform is doing well. Its user base has grown to 530 million total users, and the company is looking to incorporate some valuable changes in 2018. If you'd like to use LinkedIn better, here are 5 ways to get the most out of your LinkedIn presence:

LinkedIn Video

Video on LinkedIn is a new arrival: the platform only added video in 2017. Despite that, LinkedIn announced recently that LinkedIn users share video content twenty times more than other types of content. Videos provide a variety of marketing options - you can conduct Q&A sessions, showcase products or services, and advertise your promotions. Given the general popularity of videos, it's a good idea to maximize that on LinkedIn.


Conference Frame
Conference Frames are branded stickers users can attach to photos or videos to show they attended a certain conference. Conference Frames is an incentive for attendees to post about the conference and boost awareness and engagement for the event. The frames encourage collaboration and community and are a great marketing tool. Although the frames are available to a limited number of companies right now, LinkedIn is looking to make frames a self-serve feature.


Website Demographics
Website Demographics is a tool you can attach to your business website to see who's visiting your page and the details of their demographics. You can sort the visitors by job title, company name, industry, and other options. Additionally, you can compare two website pages side by side and view viewing changes over time. All of this helps you refine your marketing strategies and content to better reach your audience.


LinkedIn Groups
Before the new year rolled around, LinkedIn announced that they would be focusing more on growing LinkedIn Groups and making it a more prominent part of the platform's experience in 2018. While they haven't rolled out any changes yet, they're planning on adding video capability, improving navigation, and improving the notification system in groups. With FB focusing more on groups, LinkedIn could be taking advantage of the popularity to grow their Groups as well.


LinkedIn Publishing
LinkedIn post publishing has been significantly reduced since its debut four years ago. Now, only select users get notifications that you've published, and the amount of engagement on your post determines its further distribution. But it's still worth publishing on linkedIn: your content is linked to your profile, so when someone visits your page, they can see your expertise and knowledge in your field. Quality content that gets engagement is rewarded with higher reach so if you're among the best, you'll stand out. You may even be featured on one of the LinkedIn Pulse showcase platforms, which will also get you higher reach. So even though organic reach is limited, publishing is worth some time.

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