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5 Tips for Better Sales Prospecting through Social Media

By: ScottCox Tuesday January 23, 2018 comments Tags: marketing, social media marketing, social media, marketing strategy, digital advertising, online marketing, lead generation

If you're here, you probably want social media to make you money. That's the bottom line, right? But chances are, social media could be making you a lot MORE money than it is right now. To help you get from wanting more from your online presence to getting more, here are 5 tips for better social sales prospecting:

1. Master the Basics

Maybe you're new to social media and don't know where to start, or are figuring it out as you go and want to learn from the beginning. Here are some foundational things to know:

    • Know where your audience is so you can meet them there online. Join the social platforms your audience uses and complete your profiles (including profile picture, contact information, and website link). Then, for Instagram and Twitter accounts, follow as many community members, potential customers, and industry leaders as possible. The more followers you have, the more established and trustworthy you look.


    • Keep your profiles relevant with consistent content. You should be posting at least 3 times a week on FaceBook and LinkedIn, 2 times a day on Instagram, and 3 times a day on Twitter. If that seems overwhelming, check out our blog about content scheduling and creating content calendars. It's not as hard as you think!


    • Engage the online community - people are happy when someone likes their post. So go like your customers' posts! Take time to consistently scroll through your feeds and like, comment, and share. The more you engage with your audience, the more they'll want to engage with you!

2. Up your Content Game

We get it - producing interesting, consistent content can be hard. But quality content is so important - its what makes people want to follow you and buy your product or service. So make sure your content is high quality, has variety, and answers your customers' pain points. For more tips on creating outstanding content, check out our blog posts about content curation and creativity in content.

3. Expand your reach through monitoring and search

Most social media management platforms have monitoring and search features that allow you to find users that fit your audience demographic. Search relevant keywords to follow a topic of conversation, engage with the conversation, and follow users who are engaging in the conversation. Following relevant keywords will help you engage the right people who will be more likely to bring you sales. LinkedIn also has advanced tools to search and follow potential customers.

4. Take Advantage of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator

Speaking of LinkedIn, that platform's Sales Navigator is a great resource for finding leads. Here are some of Sales Navigator's features:

    • Lead and Account recommendations


    • CRM tool integration


    • Company news and job changes alerts


    • Advanced search for leads and companies

5. Join Facebook Groups

Since groups are designed to build community, find and join the groups your audience is part of, then post and comment in them. It's a great way to provide solutions (aka your product/service) to your audience's pain points and build brand recognition. By answering questions and providing quality content without constantly trying to sell something, you'll also build trust with your audience and set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

Does this give you some ideas to up your sales game and turn followers into hard cold cash? We hope so! If you love our blog, send us a message or leave us a review on FB or Google! We'd love to hear from you.

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