5 Reasons to Start Using Video Marketing

By: ScottCox Monday April 23, 2018 comments Tags: content creation, google ranking, Lakeland, sales conversions, social media agency, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy, video marketing, video SEO

Video is everywhere online. From websites to ads to social channels, it's the preferred mode of communication currently, and statistics show it will only grow. So if you haven't incorporated video into your social campaigns yet, it's time to look at the numbers and reassess. Here are 5 reasons to start using video marketing.


Increased Sharing

You may have picked up on how much video is out there just by scrolling through Facebook. Normally, a TED talk, cat blooper, or cooking how-to shows up in your feed within the first few seconds of browsing. But the numbers on the rate of sharing video is astounding. Videos get shared online 1,200% more than text posts and links combined. That number alone should make you consider investing in video marketing.


Increased Consumption

Not only do videos get shared more, people actually pay attention to them and want to see them. One study predicts that by 2021, 80% of global internet consumption will be video. That means that 80% of everything you see online will be video. If you're not putting out video by then, you'll be left unnoticed.

And video isn't just popular on your social channels. It's becoming more essential even in traditional marketing methods. Here's another statistic - using the word "video" in the email subject line boosts open rates by 19%. People on your email list are used to seeing videos on social media and websites, and they want to see it in their inbox, too.


Increased Organic Traffic

With increased consumption and sharing comes increased organic traffic by exponential rates. Search engines rank video higher than text content, which means more people automatically see your content. On Google, video content gets 157% more traffic through SERPs than text content. And embedded videos in websites can increase traffic up to 55%. Given this kind of increased traffic, it's most likely worth your money to invest in video content that you can share multiple places in your online presence.


Increased Sales

So now we're down to brass tacks: video brings money in the coffers. According to a recent study, 44% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through a video than through text or images. Not surprisingly, then, 81% of people make a purchase after watching a brand's marketing video. And videos in landing pages alone can increase conversion rate up to 80%. Video marketing may be an expense, but if it's done right, it will bring in much more than it costs.


Increased Growth

Based on the numbers we've already shared, it's no surprise that incorporating video into your online marketing strategy will benefit your business in the long run, too. Companies who use videos in their online marketing grow 49% more year-over-year than companies who don't. With all these numbers combined, it's clear that video marketing should be part of your strategy.

If you're not already incorporating video into your online marketing, it's time to reconsider. Remember, original video isn't as hard or as expensive to create as it seems. You can even create videos out of blog posts using Lumen5 and similar tools. We offer original visual content, too! Check out our website for more details.

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