5 Facebook Custom Audiences Your Business Should Be Using

By: ScottCox Thursday March 1, 2018 comments Tags: facebook, Facebook custom audiences, Lakeland, marketing strategy, sales conversions, social media agency, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

Still figuring out how best to use Facebook ads? Want to maximize your ad efficiency to reach customers who are ready to convert? Custom audiences are a great way to target warm customers and get more bang for your buck. Here are 5 custom audiences you should create and how to effectively use them.

Customer File Custom Audiences

Did you know you can upload contacts from your business' database into Facebook? You can upload email addresses, phone numbers, zip codes and many other kinds of data, and Facebook will match the data and target those users.

Campaigns that work well with customer file custom audiences are ones that promote special deals, referral programs, or loyalty reward programs. These types of campaigns are good for moving interested but undecided customers to make a purchase, and for keeping existing customers coming back. Thinking of copying your competitors? You will want to read this first.

Website Traffic Custom Audiences

This custom audience requires Facebook Pixel, a tool that tracks website traffic. With the Pixel, you can create the website traffic custom audience that retargets customers who have visited your website based on which webpage they visited, how long they spent on the site, and what they did on the site.

Not only does this help you target warm customers, it gives you a range of specific options for your targeting. You can create multiple audiences to use for targeting or excluding and significantly focus your ad's audience with them.

Video Engagement Custom Audiences

You can create this custom audience for any of your uploaded Facebook videos or FB live videos, and can determine targeting based on how long viewers watched the video. With this feature, your options for It can be one of the cheapest custom audiences to use, depending your parameters and how many people watch your videos. Here's how you can SEO your videos.

However, you'll have to figure out how much you're willing to pay for a high-quality audience. The higher percentage of the video watched, the better quality your audience will be. But since fewer people watch a high percentage of the video, the high-quality audience will be more expensive.

The main thing in creating these audiences is matching the content of your video to the message of your ad as closely as possible. That way, you'll target the customers who are most interested in what you're advertising.

Facebook Page Custom Audiences

With this audience, you can retarget people who engaged with your FB page, including people who liked your posts, interacted with ads, or messaged your page. You can make a custom audience for every category, but you should at least have an audience targeting "Everyone who engaged with your Page." This option includes all the other engagement options.

If you're a small operation or are just getting started on Facebook, using individual engagement options may create audiences that Facebook rejects as "too small." Even if Facebook accepts the audience, it may be too small to be cost effective. But you can always combine custom audiences in your ad targeting. What you choose depends on your budget and your goals for the campaign.

Warm Saved Audiences

Technically, this isn't a custom audience, but it's still a great option. To create a warm saved audience, just select all of your custom audiences and save it as a new audience. This is a great option for businesses whose audiences are small. By combining custom audiences, you'll get a bigger audience that should drive down costs while maximizing ROI.

Retargeting warm audiences - those that already know your Lakeland based business - is the perfect way to move leads down the sales funnel and optimize the conversion process. Need more help with Facebook marketing or social media strategy? Check out our blogs, or join our Facebook group, Social Insights Community, for all things social media marketing

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