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4 Ways to Attract and Convert Customers with Chatbots

By: ScottCox Wednesday February 28, 2018 comments Tags: chatbot, facebook messenger, Lakeland, sales conversions, social media agency, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

Chatbots are on the rise. The automated-reply tools gained a lot of momentum in 2017 and the trend shows they will continue to rise in popularity in 2018. So how can you practically make chatbots work for you? Here are 4 ways to attract customers with a chatbot.
Give incentives and rewards.

Want to build personal connections with customers? You can set up a chatbot to detect when a customer's birthday is and can send them a special birthday message or giveaway. You can send messages or promos on holidays and important dates, or send giveaways that draw customers (and their friends) into your brick-and-mortar business. What a great way to convert leads and create raving fans!
Upsell by showing more products or services.

If someone messages your FaceBook page, chatbots will ask them specific questions to determine what they want. Then, the chatbot will show them not only the product or service they wanted, but related and more expensive offerings as well. Bots allow your process to be personalized and specific while also advertising the full range of your business.
Offer automated scheduling and ordering services.

You can design your chatbot to let customers order products, make reservations, or schedule consultation meetings from the chatbot! By giving them the opportunity to take action immediately, you're providing convenience and speed for your customers. You're also shortening the conversion process and simplifying your systems through automation. It's a win-win!
Send drip campaigns.

With a chatbot, you can directly send messages to people who have opted in to receive updates from your business. With the bot, you can bring leads down the funnel with repeated touches. For more incentive, give away a test product or a free trial of your service, building repertoire and bringing customers into your business' physical location. And of course, you can use chatbots to update customers about discounts and sales.

Chatbots are the future of automated sales and customer relations. If you're looking to take your online presence to the next level, chatbots could be the way to go! Contact us for more info on our chatbot service, or read our blog about how we found chatbots. Or, join our Facebook group, Social Insights Community, get info on all things social media and ask a chatbot question - or any other social media question! We're here as a social media agency to help you and your business succeed.

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