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4 Suggestions for Overcoming Facebook's News Feed Revamp

By: ScottCox Friday January 19, 2018 comments Tags: content marketing, digitalmarketing

The big news in social media lately is that Facebook is reworking it's news feed algorithm (again), and organic reach will pretty much be history. So how does a Lakeland business who's used to posting every day and seeing moderate engagement still use Facebook as an effective business tool? We have some suggestions:

    • Facebook Ads Even before the revamp, Facebook's algorithm wasn't friendly to organic reach. Businesses should already have been using Facebook Ads, but now they'll be pretty much essential. Not to worry, though! Ads are relatively easy to set up, manage, and profit from - it just takes a little practice and coaching (we'll be glad to help!) and you won't even miss organic reach.


    • Facebook Messenger
      Like email campaigns, Messenger campaigns could be an effective way to reach out directly to your customers, bypassing their newsfeed altogether. You can send mass messages with an option to opt in to updates and promotionals. In Messenger, you can also use chatbots and other automated systems that help streamline your communication and reduce management time on your end. As organic reach fades out, Messenger could be the next big thing taking the stage.Mark_Zuckerberg


    • Facebook Groups
      The updated news feed algorithm has an engagement loophole: the algorithm favors posts that promote "meaningful discussion." What better way to promote meaningful discussion than in Facebook groups? In fact, posts in Facebook groups that are spurring a lively conversation get featured the user notifications tab, which helps people outside the group see the post and further drives engagement. As Facebook groups are likely to stay, this could be your long-term solution to the news feed revamp.


    • Instagram
      Because the idea of having a business page on Instagram only developed in the last year, businesses aren't using Instagram as much as they are Facebook. That means your Lakeland business has less competition reaching its audience. Additionally, the algorithm hasn't adjusted to disfavor businesses yet, so your organic reach will be high.

So even though your Facebook posts may be less useful than they used to be, there are still lots of ways to effectively use Facebook for your business. If you have any further questions about how to maximize your Facebook use after this algorithm change, don't hesitate to contact us!

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