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3 Social Media Challenges Franchises Face And How a Social Media Agency Can Help

By: ScottCox Friday March 30, 2018 comments Tags: content strategy, facebook marketing, franchise, Lakeland, social media agency, social media content, social media management, social media marketing, social media marketing Lakeland, social media strategy

We get it - managing a franchise is hard. And managing a franchise's social media is even harder. Many times, franchises simply don't invest the time or money into building a great online presence. Luckily, social media agencies can help with those challenges and can take a franchise's online presence to the next level. Here are 3 social media challenges for franchises, and how a social media agency can help.

1. Creating consistency and uniformity.

With so many locations and so many employees, franchises often have a hard time developing the systems to support consistency and uniformity on social media. How do you ensure different locations are sending out same message about promotions and products? How do you balance overall brand consistency with the unique atmosphere of each branch? How do you make sure each branch is posting enough and doing what they're supposed to online? Setting up the systems to ensure a quality social media presence for the entire franchise is time consuming and requires dedicated attention.

A social media agency already has the systems in place for consistent communication, curation, and brand uniformity. For example, our agency assigns dedicated brand managers to your account who handle all your locations' social platforms. Since only one person is managing every location, their posts and promotions will be consistent across platforms. On the flip side, that brand manager will also be able to work directly with the corporate marketer and the individual branch managers to get a sense of each location's unique flare. Top-notch brand managers are trained to communicate clearly, plan ahead, and manage engagement in a timely manner.

2. Upholding quality control.

Managing branches' products, employee satisfaction, and customer service is hard enough without managing their social media marketing. What if one branch is more dedicated to their social media presence than another? What if one branch shares incorrect information or slacks on response times? A good social media agency will not only curate top-notch content for each branch (both branded and not), but they'll take the time to learn about your company so they can accurately and quickly respond to questions on your accounts. They'll also grow your following by following and engaging with other people's content on your page. Social media agencies have the manpower, training, and time to invest as much in your individual social media accounts as you wish you had.

3. Building loyal followers from the ground up for new branches.

Franchises are always in start-up mode - always looking to start and grow new branches. That means that the work of building a social media presence from the ground up is always in the forefront. Dedicating enough time to coordinate the social media presence of several branches is hard enough without having to start from scratch.

A social media agency has the knowledge and experience to launch and grow a social media presence. Because they have taken countless other brands from start-up stage to success, they can spend ad money effectively, dedicate enough time to proactively engage with local followers, and encourage an online buzz about the location. And because it's the same person handling social media for your start-up and all your other branches, content will be consistent.

Franchises face challenges that are unique from other businesses, but a social media agency can help a franchise's online presence to be consistent, excellent, and dynamic across branches. Let us know if we can help you! We'd love to share more about how we can take your social media presence to the next level. Contact us via Facebook, or join our Facebook group, Social Insights Community. We hope to hear from you!

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