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3 Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

By: ScottCox Sunday September 16, 2018 comments Tags: ad strategy, audiences, awareness, facebook, facebook ads, facebook marketing, marketing strategy, social media marketing, social media strategy

Advertising on Facebook can be tricky - there are many options and it can get confusing. To help you, lets discuss three effective campaigns that will get you headed in the right direction.

With Facebook advertising, you're able to target the different temperatures of audiences that have engaged with your business. It is important, to understand the different audience temperatures, cold, warm, and hot. Below you will find three Facebook campaign's that work together to help you move your cold traffic to hot.

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Awareness: "Cold Audiences"

Before you can advertise, you need an audience! Therefore, the first step is bringing attention to your business and being recognized as an expert. The simplest way to do this is by creating value-based content to engage with your audience. It is important that your first campaign is centered on your business being noticed, building credibility, and authority. Your cold audience doesn't know, like, or trust you enough to buy your products or services yet. That is why you need to start the conversation by giving value before you introduce a product or service. One way you can do that is by providing the cold traffic with something educational to help them.

Retargeting: "Warm Audiences"

The second campaign you should be running on Facebook is a retargeting campaign. This is where you focus on your warm audience that has already begun interacting with your business. The ad(s) that have been shown to your cold audience brought awareness to your business and established a sense of trust in your business. The next step is to position a product or service in front of your warm audience. You will see better results compared to running this type of campaign to cold audiences because the people in your warm target audience now know who you are; they have connected with your content, and are not strangers to your business anymore. One suggestion is running an ad that shows your product or service solving a problem.

Remarketing: "Hot audiences" 

If you have a website (if not, we can help!), this campaign is centered on targeting hot audiences. When setting up this campaign the goal is to target traffic that has visited your website. This is one of the best forms of retargeting. Make sure you have installed your Facebook Pixel and conversion tracker. This way you can track the results of your campaigns and use the Facebook Pixel to create custom audiences. This campaign is very helpful because every business wants to win back the website visitors who didn't convert. Retargeting using Facebook campaigns is a great way to re-attract traffic after it leaves your site.

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