3 Content Curation Hacks for the New Year

By: ScottCox Friday January 12, 2018 comments Tags: marketing, content marketing, advertising

It's a new year, and as a Lakeland business owner, you're probably looking to up your marketing game. A few weeks ago, we posted about content curation and scheduling, which are both really important for a basic understanding of social media.

But if you've already been active on social media for a while, it can get harder and harder to output fresh and valuable content. Here are 3 content curation hacks that will help you generate ideas and fill your content calendar with things your audience wants to see!


Make Keyword Clusters
When you write posts or blogs, start with a keyword that you can structure your content around. Do keyword research to find the keywords people are talking about, and then use the free tool, Serpstat, to organize and analyze your keywords. Because each variation or combination of words is a different keyword, Serpstat will organize your keywords into groups so you can get a big picture view of your keywords. Serpstat is a powerful tool with many different features, so check it out and see how it can help your content curation!


Pay Attention to the News and Social Media Discussions
If your goal is connecting with people through social media, you need to know what people are talking about on social media. Facebook's Trending feature allows you to see what the hot topics of the day are, and the top conversations about them. Then, you can create content that engages with the conversation. You can also follow popular topics through Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, and of course, Twitter. It's as easy as searching your keywords and taking a few minutes to read what people are saying. Then, write your own content to interact with the voices already in the discussion.


Generate a Headlines Based on Keywords
Still at a dead end with your content ideas? You can generate random headlines with websites like Hubspot's Blog Ideas Generator and Portent's Content Idea Generator. Just input your keywords and the site will generate topics or headlines for you. To get your content just right, you may need to edit the headlines and you will have to do additional research to write about the topics. But these sites can give you a starting point for content ideas when you're stuck.

We hope these ideas help you provide the best content to your audience and rock your social media presence. For more content tips and tricks, check out our blog series The Keys to Social Media Success!

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